Thank you for speaking to me just now about the really exceptional service I received this morning from LARRY BALWIN in your Puente Hills, CA Store. He was such an outstanding example of everything that Sam Ash represents in the music marketplace, I really felt I needed to let corporate know about him.
This morning, I was having warranty repairs done on a Fender Blues Junior III that I purchased in 2011. I couldn’t find my purchase receipt, so the authorized repair center (Paul Morte) called Fender to determine the details which showed the serial number had gone to Sam Ash. At that point I called the store to see if I could find it. Larry Baldwin personally started searching for me and I can’t thank him enough for all of the extra efforts he went to on my behalf to help me with a warranty repair problem. The fact that Larry helped me on my initial call was outstanding – looking in all the various databases at Sam Ash to help me locate a 2011 receipt for some warranty amp repair on a Fender Blues Junior III. Throughout the entire process, you continued to try different avenues until you eventually found the unit that I purchased on line in 2011. We initially could not find it because it was my old work telephone number which hindered the computer match. Larry demonstrated outstanding customer service by a dedicated employee that really separates Sam Ash from all the competition. I wanted to let you know at your corporate office and again, thank your team for your support. I will remain a loyal customer to Sam Ash for all my future purchases because of Larry’s dedication & really spectacular customer service. His personal efforts, making my problem – his problem to help solve saved me over $120 in repair costs, so thank you again!