My name is Richard V. I visited your Ontario store last night. I am sending this email in to remark on a sales associate you have there – Sean Armendariz. He is an asset to your sales team.

I live in Mentone, seven miles east of Redlands. I was in the market to upgrade my D.J. Equipment and went to the nearest vendor, Guitar Center. My wife accompanied me, and she has a disability and requires a cane to walk. We went in and waited 15 minutes until, someone noticed us and asked if we needed help. I told the salesman what I was interested in, and he went to “go see” if he had it in stock. Well I waited another 10-15 minutes, only to see him working on something else. We left, and drove the 25 minutes out to your store.

We we greeted right away, and were asked if we needed assistance. I informed Sean of what I was looking for. He showed me the equipment and the case for this equipment. Answered all my questions and was very informative. I ended up purchasing the equipment and was very satisfied. The time it took to go in and do this transaction was less than the time wasted at Guitar Center.

I wanted to share this with you and let you know that I will make that 40 minute drive to do business where a customer is appreciated. And I will let my peers know where to go when they are looking to purchase equipment.

Again, thanks to Sean, I am a satisfied Sam Ash customer.