Hi, my name is Debbie W. My son and I had a wonderful experience in your Richmond, Va. store last night and I wanted to share it with you. We recently had our house broken into and had three guitars and an amp stolen. { Two of those guitars and the amp had been bought at this store } We reported it to the police and hoped that we would be lucky enough to get everything back, but that was just wishful thinking. After several months of having no music in the house, I couldn’t take it anymore. My husband passed away a few years ago so money is tight. We had a man by the name of Jamie help us out. We wanted good quality, but we had to work within a budget. He took time with us and helped us find exactly what we were looking for. When we got home last night my son played for hours and it was music to my ears. I had so missed listening to his talent. Jamie helped us from beginning to end. He found us the perfect equipment, rang up our sales and then loaded our truck. We ended on a hand shake and I felt we had made a new friend. I couldn’t let a day go by without letting you know how very much we appreciate your store and the wonderful customer service we received from Jamie. We will be Sam Ash customers for life! Thanks again!