This afternoon I saw an ad on Facebook that featured the COO of a guitar company that I have admired for some time. I copied the ad, inserted in an email and sent the guy a note telling him how much I love his products and how beautiful his featured guitar was.

Seven (7) minutes later, I get a reply from Sam Ash of Sam Ash Guitars.

Twenty years ago this would have been an ad in ‘Hit Parade’ or ‘Guitar magazine’, a pair of scissors, and what would have looked like a serial killer’s ‘cut out’ fan letter to the guy.

It was the 21st century version of writing Leo Fender or Les Paul or Earl Scheib for that matter!

So… What are you doing to ‘Sam Ash’ your way into people’s consciousness? Are you visible to your customers? Do you dare put your email address next to your name in your ads? Are we all missing an opportunity here?

A work of art.

Thanks for the reply, Sam. Thanks for the quick lesson as well.