This is to tell you that your company is to be commended for having Angela, your Store Manager in San Antonio, Texas.
I am in the city from Los Angeles on a shooting assignment and lost my SONY MDR7520 headphones enroute here.
Today, I walked into your store in San Antonio since Sam Ash is my store of choice in Canoga Park, CA., the location nearest our studio.
I was looking for 7520’s or at minimum,  7510’s. You had neither in stock.
However, as I was leaving to head back to my hotel and contact Amazon, Angela asked me, “Did you find what you needed today?”
Someone else, a less engaged salesperson would have hardly taken notice.
I explained my situation and need and Angela dropped everything to help me. She located the headphones and offered to have them here tomorrow.  Not only that, she matched the Amazon online price.
I was so impressed with her customer service, there’s no way I’d go anywhere else.
Angela made the difference in this purchase. SHE is why you got my business.
She’s amazing and I thought you should know.
If her passion and initiative could be shared with others, Sam Ash will be an even stronger company.