The beyond service support of a manager!

It was July 4th and I bought a American DJ light display and I was on vacation from Hawaii. So when I arrived at my hotel I thought I’d just see how to use it. So as I
Tried using it one of the lights didn’t work so I looked online for the Las Vegas Sam Ash hours and phone number and It said Friday closed at 9pm. So I rushed down got to the store and it was 8:30pm and it was closed. So just by chance there were 3 guys in the parking lot and one of them I recognized from earlier so I asked him if they closed early he said because of the holiday they closed at 6. So I explained to him my situation that I fly in the morning back to Hawaii and wouldn’t get the chance to return it. Low and behold manager Steve Cardiel came to the rescue. So Hearing on what had happened he reopened the store and exchanged my product. I needed this product and today sunday I use it. My deepest thank you and in Hawaii Mahalo goes to him and his staff and like always ill continue to shop at Sam Ash knowing that true heart felt employees work there. Aloha