About two weeks ago I purchased a Gibson J-45 from your Buffalo Grove Illinois location. My salesman was Shaun Paul. He was extremely knowledgeable but what stood out more was his enthusiasm. It was infectious. I don’t mean the goofy teenage enthusiasm but the love of playing guitar and connecting people with the right instrument. When I purchased my Gibson, Shaun convinced me to include the two year setup package. I normally don’t purchase add-ons but he was persuasive. I have arthritis and when I got home I found the barre chords difficult to play. I dropped into the store a couple of days ago to let Shaun know that I was having a problem playing the J-45 and would probably return it. He pointed out that I had purchased the setup package and that Doug Schoenbeck (Sam Ash Guitar Tech) would set up the guitar to accommodate my arthritis. Doug’s love of playing and his craft was obvious. When I picked up my guitar today I was amazed at the change in the playability. The reason that I am taking the time to recognize these two professionals is that they did whatever it took to make me happy with my purchase. In the past I have bought my guitars from Guitar Center and Sweetwater. After this experience I will only purchase from Sam Ash.