This note is to compliment Nick Kane, guitar associate, at the Nashville, TN store. Nick in the past year has helped me purchase at least 4 guitars to include 2 gibsons, an old episode elitist and a fender strat. I also just purchased a peavey delta blues amp. Nick’s strong points are he is honest, competent, and patient ( he doesn’t push just to make a deal) when a potential customer isn’t quite sure which guitar will fit the best. For this, I am greatly appreciative.
I want to add the Nashville store provides a comfortable place for musicians of all levels to check out instruments. This is much different than some of the other large music stores throughout the Nashville area. The nature of your front door sign, “come in and play” is then supported by the positive attitude of your employees.
Lastly, whether in the store or on the phone, Nick has been supportive, knows what he is talking about when it comes to guitars and music, and has always shown he really is interested in getting the customer the best instrument for the best price.

Thanks for the way the Sam Ash Family does business.
Appreciate Your Efforts