A Person in my life who has changed my perspective is my music teacher Mr. Riches. I originally did not like instrumental music, until I came to Sam Ash Music and took lessons with him. I used to hate practicing because I wasn’t succeeding, my original mentors were not supportive which didn’t help either. When I started lessons with Mr. Riches a new musical beginning unfolded. Before I came there I thought I would never play music again.
I remember my first day there. That day was the day that decided my fate as a musician. The first thing was taking me to an enormous room and picked out a music book to play on. It weird being in a lesson where I got to play what I wanted. Another thing I learned from that day was to let loose a little and enjoy music. In order to teach me this he had me improvising. By the end of the day I realized how much I loved music, and that I wanted to grow up and be a music teacher just like Mr. Riches.
Without his guidance that summer I would have never advanced in music, I also would have never achieved a role as a piccolo player and received piccolo part in my band concert coming up. This shows that many events can change your perspective of something from one thing to another. In the end you many not change or you might just surprise yourself.