This is to John{guitar repair at franklin mills mall in Philly}From Dave with the yellow Ibanez RG,I am enjoying my guitar,which i call shamus,after a brother i lost to the cancer,I mean John these Zakk Wylde pick ups that you installed are AWESOME,this guitar SINGS!!!my theory behind installing these pickups was that if someone like Zakk has the guts to change les paul pickups{which pafs were always my favorite)then they must be something special,Yeah were rockin the house,the neibors hate me and the cops stop by here and there,they just tell me too turn it down,their cool about it though,my daughter loves it,my girl gives me some hell,But me and Shamus kick it all night long my friend.Thank You for the happiness that you brought me John,I never trusted anyone with this guitar before,i was always installing the stuff myself,as you could probably tell once you openened it up,YOUR THE MAN JOHN.See ya soon,
Love YA Man,