My name is Ron P. I am a business technology provider in East Central Florida. I was working in the Orlando today and decided to stop by your Sam Ash location on Lee Road on my way back to the coast. I had heard many good things about Sam Ash, but today was my first visit to one of your locations. I saw it on my last trip to Orlando and made a mental not to stop in. Today was the day.

I must say, I am amazed at the amount of stock on so many different types of instruments in your store. The store is large and everything is very well displayed. What I had heard about Sam Ash was accurate.

But the real reason I am writing this (and to the HQ at that) is to let you know about the young man who took care of me today; Jeremiah Bennett. Jeremiah was very cordial and took all the time needed to allow me to try multiple guitars. Because of the outstanding service I received from this young man, I have found a new music store even though it is almost 50 miles from my house. I wanted to make sure your were aware of Jeremiah’s efforts and that he is a real asset to your company. I am susre he will help gain Sam Ash more new customers and that is good for your brand.

Even on my way out, another young man near the entrance asked me if I found everything I needed. I had just put two guitars on layaway, so thanks to Jeremiah, I surely did find everything I needed on this trip.

It was a real pleasure to browse and shop your store. I will surely become a regular browser/shopper on my frequent trips to Orlando. The great price I received was an additional bonus.