I’d like to take a moment and express my satisfaction with a recent purchase I made at the Buffalo Grove Sam Ash. I recently found myself in the market for a keyboard. After doing some research online I settled on the Korg Krome 73. While I had a few options on where to buy this keyboard, I settled on Sam Ash because of their low pressure sales approach. In the past I’ve bought a guitar or two and an amp and have been happy with the transactions, as opposed to the Guitar Center, used car salesmen approach.

I came in on 1-24 to see the keyboard and solidify my purchase decision. Michael was there at the time and gave me a general overview of the keyboard and showed me some other units in the same price range. Never did he try to push me into a more expensive model. He asked me what I was looking to accomplish and saw that the model fit my needs. The issue was that you had stock of the smaller 61 key version and the larger 88 key version but not the 73 key model that I was looking for. I had planned on going home and ordering off of Amazon as they had it in stock and, being a Prime member, I could have it delivered in 2 days for no extra cost. Plus, I wouldn’t pay tax.

This is where Michael got creative. Knowing that I didn’t want to wait for an order to come in and didn’t want to pay more for buying it from you (the tax), he let me take the floor model of the 61 key version home (I paid for it in full) and he ordered the version I wanted from Korg. Once the keyboard arrived, I returned the floor model and bought the one I wanted at a competitive price.

The transaction wasn’t without it’s hicups. It appears that Korg didn’t actually ship the keyboard when they said they did. The tracking showed that a label was created but the product never shipped. Michael worked with the Korg representative to fix the issue and got the keyboard in transit. If not for me having the “loaner” I would have been upset but Michael took ownership of the issue and resolved it.

I buy products for a living as a Purchasing Manager for a national imaging supplies wholesaler. It’s not fun stuff like guitars and keyboards but I deal with a lot of companies and salesmen and wish that I got this level of service in my professional life that I did buying this keyboard. Knowing that you employ people like Michael will ensure that my next musical purchase is done through Sam Ash, instead of Amazon.
Thanks again