Lesson Coordinator: Andrew Acquista

Andrew Acquista Music Lessons at Cerritos Andrew Acquista holds a BM in Education with a concentration in Percussion from CSU Humboldt and an MM in Performance with a concentration in Percussion from CSU Long Beach. He has been in managing lessons and teachers at Sam Ash for the past 5 years working to better the education of those wanting to learn and study music.
With his extensive background as an educator and unique perspectives about teaching and learning, both teachers and students have grown and learned to better themselves under his direction. Andrew started at the Sam Ash Cerritos location where he helped build their music program. He then moved to the Westminster location to help build that program before transferring to his current location in San Diego.
Andrew has successfully hired some of the best quality teachers to staff his learning centers. At Sam Ash we are fortunate to have a modern state of the art stage where we can showcase student performances, taking the “next generation” of musicians out of the practice room and onto the stage. “I feel it is important for the growth of budding musicians to really get out there early and perform” says Andrew “I firmly believe that it contributes to the real growth of the students as musicians.” Because of this philosophy Andrew boasts 3-4 student recitals a year, giving every opportunity for students to “get out there” and perform in front of family and friends. “I really feel that it helps build community, something that we could use more of during these times. Bringing people together around a common purpose has long been a way to accomplish this and I am proud to be a part of something that brings positivity and growth to so many aspiring young minds.” – Andrew Acquista.

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