Jack Tierney

Jack Tierney has been playing and studying the guitar since 2002. Like many young guitarists, he began by studying the classic rock guitarists of the 60s and 70s. During high school he attended intensive programs at Berklee College of Music and Interlochen Center for the Arts, where he
became acquainted with jazz music. He is currently studying jazz guitar performance at VCU.

Jack has performed professionally in various jazz, pop and rock outfits, and as a singer/songwriter in Richmond and the DC area.

As a teacher, Jack tailors the structure of his lessons to the needs of each particular student, while ensuring that the essential aspects of technique, rhythm, and harmonic vocabulary are included. His specialties include jazz, pop, music theory, songwriting and improvisation.

Tom Gascon

Tom Gascon is a positive and encouraging Drum Teacher who will challenge you to become the drummer you desire to be.

From the classroom, to the studio, to the stage, this active recording and touring musician will help you reach your goals. He has been professionally drumming for 15 years and is currently the drummer for Lacey Sturm. His talent has allowed him to share the stage with acts such as Switchfoot, Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, Sevendust, Newsboys, and many more! From playing small clubs to arenas, as well as a variety of music festivals, including events with the Billy Graham Association, the Shiprocked Cruise, and The Carolina Rebellion; Tom’s extensive live playing experience will help you prepare for your show!

Tom has played a wide variety of music styles such as Rock, Country, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Pop. He also has several years of Jazz, Concert and Marching Band experience. After receiving private drum lessons in college to later giving private drum lessons out of his home, his passion for people and seeing them excel is what inspired him to become a teacher.

All lessons are designed personally for you and your goals. Whether you are looking to play drums as a hobby, want to play in a band, or want to further your education and skills for a career in music, Tom has the knowledge and skills to help get you there!

Michael Bradley

Michael Bradley has been playing saxophone for almost ten years. He is attending Virginia Commonwealth University in pursuit of a degree in Jazz Studies and Performance, where he has been on the Dean’s List every semester and recently received a Jazz Scholarship. Michael is a prominent soloist in the VCU Peppas and performs with the top VCU Jazz Orchestra. He also plays with the alternative rock/fusion band Bonne Chère.

Michael is proficient in both jazz and classical playing styles. He works with students of all ages and skill levels and has experience working with special needs children. Michael believes in making learning fun and exciting for his students. He caters to the needs of each student and comes up with personalized learning strategies for each. He also incorporates goals and milestones into lessons to keep his students excited to learn and for them to have something to set their sights on. Being able to share his passion for music with others and encouraging them to be the best that they can be is of the utmost importance to him.

Morgan Stewart

Morgan Stewart, having been raised by four professional musicians, showed early signs of her musical interest. When she turned 7, she was trained in hand percussion, specializing in West African Djembe. As she grew into a preteen, she was able to occasionally join her mother’s band on stage as a percussionist.

Morgan grew to love the stage and by age 14, taught herself guitar and started writing her own music. By age 16 she was playing her own shows as a solo act with a mixture of her originals and popular covers.

In 2011 Morgan was accepted and attended Berklee College of Music for 4 semesters. She majored in Professional Music, specializing in songwriting, music business, and performance.
She moved back to Richmond, VA in 2013 to start her solo career and attend Virginia Commonwealth University. Morgan graduated from VCU with a Bachelors of Arts in Music.

Morgan now plays up and down the east coast every weekend with her musical groups while teaching private music lessons during the week. As a teacher, she endeavors to help her students grow in both skill and music appreciation.

Jeff Price

Jeff Price began playing trombone at age 11, and added other brass instruments in his teenage years. He received his Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education as a euphonium major from Michigan State University, where he studied with the euphonium virtuoso, Leonard Falcone.

After graduation, Jeff served as a member and euphonium soloist with the United States Marine Band (“The President’s Own”), then he returned to Michigan State where he earned a Master’s degree in bass trombone performance. Later, he earned his Doctor of Musical Arts degree in tenor trombone performance from the University of Missouri at Kansas City.

Jeff spent many years as a college brass teacher and band director, in addition to working as a professional musician performing on trombone, euphonium and tuba. He has performed with a number of orchestras, including the Kansas City Civic Orchestra, the Lansing Symphony, and the Salem Philharmonic. His background also includes performing in big bands, musical theater, concert bands, and chamber music.

Having taught all brass instruments since he was a teenager, Jeff believes in helping students develop all aspects of technique while imparting an understanding and feeling for musical expression and interpretation. He wants his students to have fun while also experiencing the satisfaction of progressing toward excellence in performance.

Gabriel De Los Santos

Gabriel De Los Santos is a percussionist based out of Northern Virginia. Early on in his career, Gabriel built a name for himself by gigging with jazz combos in the DC and Fairfax area as well as instructing students in the local communities in drum set and rudimental/marching snare drum. Interested in new experiences as a percussionist and drummer, Gabriel sought out a musical career in the Army. As a bandsman his responsibilities include concert percussion, ceremonial percussion (marching band), as well as playing drum set in rock, jazz, and orchestra groups. His experiences as a military musician have been valuable in expanding his repertoire in the field of percussion and music. The eclectic nature of performing in an environment where a working knowledge of many different styles of music is paramount has greatly expanded Gabriel’s ability to execute his craft in many different forms. This knowledge has also contributed to his performances in the many groups that he records and plays with across Virginia. With over 10 years of experience in the field, Gabriel continues to seek new opportunities to perform with, teach, and learn from other musicians and students.

Gabriel’s primary focus is drum set, but he also teaches the fundamentals of rudimental snare drumming. Lessons include a structure that is tailored to fit their needs and desires. Such lesson plans may include developing a solid foundation in varying musical styles on the instrument (rock, jazz, Latin, funk, etc.), developing coordination and limb independence, rudiment studies and their application on the drum set, as well as in-depth technique studies, reading sheet music, and performance techniques. Aside from drum set, Gabriel is able to teach auxiliary percussion, timpani, orchestral snare drum, bass drum, and cymbals. Gabriel’s style of instruction is relaxed, yet focused, and he has worked with students of all skill levels. From those just beginning to explore the instrument to regular performers, anyone who is eager to learn or experiment with the percussive arts will stand to gain from experiences with his instruction.

Aubrey Smalls

Aubrey Smalls started playing the saxophone in 1995. After he graduated from high school he knew he wanted to pursue music at Virginia Commonwealth University but wasn’t sure what his area of study was going to be. He did not get accepted the first audition nor the second. With time and determination he finally was accepted on his third audition. From 2004 to 2007 he studied music performance. In 2007 Aubrey decided to transfer to Berklee College of Music where he was accepted on his first audition. Once he was accepted he decided to major in music education and graduated in 2011.

Aubrey currently works in Chesterfield County Public Schools teaching elementary music and has been with the county for five years. He has also worked with the Monacan High School marching band and played in the musical Spamalot. Aubrey is also a current member of The Waller Family Band and Will Hamblen and the Troublemakers.

Aubrey’s philosophy is that music isn’t just a part of life, it is life. He would like to share his love and passion for music with whomever has the desire to learn.

Art Hodges

Art Hodges is a professional guitarist with over 17 years of teaching experience. He recently relocated back to Richmond, after spending 6 years living and working in Tokyo, Japan. While in Japan, Art performed extensively and recorded a critically acclaimed album of jazz standards for solo guitar.

Art has been playing the guitar for over 30 years and has studied and performed in a variety of guitar styles and genres including rock, jazz, and classical. Art attended Virginia Commonwealth University, where he studied both classical guitar performance and jazz. He was a private student of John Patykula, Corey Blake, Mike Ess, and Tim Reynolds.

Art is a creative, resourceful teacher and focuses on keeping students engaged and motivated. Not only does he balance fun with fundamentals, but Art encourages students to find their own “voice” and expand their musical horizons.

Reyna Pannell

Reyna Pannell is a classically trained violinist and vocalist. She currently studies music at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she received the 4-Year Nettie Gordon Scholarship. She did not come from a musical background, but her family both appreciated and supported the arts.

Reyna began taking violin lessons at the age of five, where she was taught using the Suzuki Method. She continued her violin studies throughout Elementary and Middle School and went on to attend Baltimore School for the Arts in 2008. There, Reyna studied theory, music history, and ensembles – including choirs. During her time there, she participated in three of the annual Side-by-Sides with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Reyna was also an assistant teacher at the time in an Inner City Program at Baltimore School for the Arts called T.W.I.G.S. where she gained experience with teaching beginner piano classes, music literature, ensembles, and private lessons.

Since February 2015 Reyna has been teaching private lessons professionally, with teaching styles varying from classical to jazz to pop/rock music. She performs jazz, rock, contemporary, and pop around the Maryland, D.C and Virginia Area.

Reyna believes that every student has a vision and a goal. She wants to help them achieve it using technique and theory, but keep the students’ interest by customizing each lesson for each individual student.

Amy Fox

Amy Fox began playing music at age 8 when she started piano and vocal lessons. After mastering the basics, she continued to excel year after year in piano recitals and vocal competitions, making her way to All-District Chorus and All-State Chorus and becoming the lead jazz keyboardist in her high school’s jazz band. It was the amazing music instructors in Amy’s life (specifically L’Rese Morris, Dea Atkinson and Christopher Booth) who cultivated her love for music at a young age and who were attentive to her ever-changing needs as a student, something that Amy has adopted in her own curriculum as well. She went on to graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University where she composed music and developed sound design for various films.

Amy currently works as a piano instructor and Special Needs Caregiver with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, behavioral problems and other disabilities. She has found and harnessed the powerful effect of alternative therapies such as music, art, and animals on children and adults. Amy also enjoys singing harmonies and playing piano at local venues and open mic nights in Virginia with her sister, Christy, with whom she also writes music.

Amy remembers the challenges one can face in the early years of lessons, trying to understand and master complicated rhythms and fingering. These challenges have helped shaped the way Amy teaches children, young adults and middle-age adults who are just starting out. Amy specializes in teaching children and adults Classical/Romantic (Chopin, Schubert, Beethoven) as well as popular music (Muse, Adele, Coldplay, Copeland). She also specializes in general music theory and improvisation, and loves teaching students personal composition – how to write your own music! Her mission is to harness the excitement of the student by teaching in a fun and interactive way that is not just about sitting at the piano! 

Silas Fernandes

Silas Fernandes began playing guitar as a teenager in Brazil, immersing himself in the music of Randy Rhoads, Steve Vai, and Judas Priest. He soon mastered guitar shredding techniques and jumped into the legendary metal scene in São Paolo by playing in a band named Esfinge alongside Andreas Kisser, who would later become the guitarist for Sepultura.

During his 27 year career, Silas developed his skills through various opportunities which include positions as a guitar instructor at IG&T (Guitar institute of Technology Brazil), guitar technician, producer, business consultant, workshop clinician, and finally as a guitarist who has worked with many names in the Brazilian music industry. As a solo artist, Silas has released five instrumental albums as well as a DVD entitled Live for Real in December 2011. He also wrote a guitar tech book called Set Up which later became a course at EM&T (School of Music and Technology) in Brazil.

In 2013, Silas was invited by popular online Brazilian music magazine Território da Música to co-produce and present the Youtube Show Setup On Fire, which showcases his expertise on electric guitar gear in addition to music production tips. Every Thursday night, a new episode goes live on YouTube via the Território da Música channel. From the success of this YouTube show, Silas began his own channel in March 2014 called Rig on Fire.

Silas is eager to start fresh here in Virginia as a guitar instructor. He is deeply passionate about his craft and wants to share his knowledge, experience, and skills with a new set of aspiring guitarists looking to exceed their own potential.

Brandi LoDolce

Brandi LoDolce grew up studying music and participating in musical theater programs in Milwaukee, WI. She began concert band in elementary school and went on to study clarinet and voice with Bettina Bussateri. Since then she has worked under directors Doreen Rao, Weston Noble, Markus Compton, and the late Thomas Williams.

While in college at UW-Green Bay, Brandi studied music education with a focus in vocal performance. After moving to Richmond in the early 2000s, she worked for a few years as a children’s choir director at Westover Baptist Church.

Brandi is passionate and enthusiastic about teaching, as she aspires to help her students flourish beyond their potential as musicians.