Ruben Cardenas

Ruben Cardenas is a multi-instrumentalist and producer who has been involved in music for most of his life. He studied for part of his degree at the Berklee College of Music and then came back down to his home town and finished the remainder of his degree in Miami. As a drummer Ruben has performed along side various big name acts such as hip hop artist School Boy Q and also performed at world renowned events such as TED TALKS. As a DJ he’s played at some of the most famous night clubs in Miami such as Cameo & Club Space and gained the support of top tier electronic acts such as Tiesto, Borgore, and Steve Aoki’s record label, Dim Mak Records. As a producer Ruben has signed several deals with major labels such as Universal, Island Records (a division of Universal Music Group) and Warner Brothers as well as sparked the interest of Sony and Atlantic Records with his productions. Between the knowledge of the various instruments he plays & his production skills in the studio, Ruben has developed himself into a very well rounded.

Nathan Greenberg

Born in Miami, Nathan Greenberg other wise known as “Monkey” has been an active performer for over 25 years. He has shared the stage with Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Quest love and many other local celebrities. With a degree from Miami Dade College and a history of touring the United States. He is a well versed musician having command of a wide range of musical styles including: Reggea, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk and many Afro Caribbean grooves. Let music open your heart and soul. Light your inner fire.

Jorge Barnet

Jorge Barnet has more than 30 years  teaching. He teaches several styles of music including: Blues, Jazz, Classical, Brazilian, Latin, Rock and  Pop with different techniques for finger Style  and/or  Pick Style on different types of guitars like  Electric guitars,  acoustic guitars, Steel string and Nylon String guitars. In 1981, he concluded his  Diploma in Professional Music with his Major in Electronic Music and Guitar as his main instrument at  Berklee College of Music, Boston and his Master in Music Education at IPS, Setubal, Portugal (Class of 2012). Jorge Barnet has played in different music settings as solo, backing up singers and soloist instrumentalist as well as different size music combos. The purpose of the lessons are to learn something musical in each lesson that will become a new building block for the next one as we build our music vocabulary. About himself, Jorge says: ”Perhaps I am a composer and arranger that loves to play guitar. Perhaps I am a guitarist that loves to compose and arrange. Anyhow I am a guitarist that loves to play and perform live. I also share the joy of music through teaching, helping others to give their steps to walk in to find their own way into music.”

Jon Wygant

Jon Wygant is an active performing drummer at Vous Church in Miami, with 15 years of experience and knowledge. He is also a well-known Billboard charting music producer/DJ, as well as a pianist and audio engineer. Jon has a deep understanding of the music business, in addition to music theory. He is an adjunct professor at SAE Institute and has worked with many young bands and artists. In 2012, Jon received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Electronic Media from the prestigious College Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Ivet Riscart

At the age of 9 Ivet was accepted into the Vocational School of Arts “Olga Alonso” to study the classical guitar from which I graduated as a Guitar Soloist in 2002. During this time I participated in many guitar contests and Music festivals winning several awards like: best interpreter. At fifteen I started my studies at the National School of Arts (E.N.A) in Havana, Cuba, where I had the pleasure to be the student of world famous guitarists like: Victor Pellegrini, Leo Brouwer and Esteban Campuzano, and where I graduated as a guitar, piano, theory and guitar orchestra professor as well as a professional performer. In 2007 I continued studying at the University of Arts (ISA) in Havana, Cuba for two more years. I have taught in music institutions since 2006 in different parts of the world like: Dubai, US and Cuba.

Greg Barnum

Gregory Barnum is a Miami native and a product of Miami Dade County Public Schools. His musical talents have taken him to Boston, Atlanta and Los Angeles performing with several professional artists. Greg studied at the University of Miami and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. His instrument of choice is the drum set. Greg is active in the gospel music scene in Miami and also plays with various other performers of different genres. He is the founder of “Soul Inc.” a ten piece R&R cover band that performs at corporate events, music festivals and private affairs.

Elena Ramos

Elena has always had a great passion for music since childhood. Having studied with Wagner Music Conservatory and Berklee College of Music, she has received extensive training and knowledge and has been certified to teach her craft. As an instructor, she has taught piano and music theory for students of all ages, and also served as a teacher at Henry M. Flagler here in South Florida. Elena is currently working with the Greater Miami Youth Symphony, assisting in Concert Band and Orchestra. When it comes to teaching, she believes that positive reinforcement and motivation is the way to keep students focused and engaged, and she is committed to contributing to each student’s success by helping them progress at their own pace while encouraging their passion for music.

David Fernandez

David Fernandez began playing the violin at the young age of 6. After years of schooling, much practice and magnificent development of his talent and musicianship he began playing on stage along side famous persons, such as: Placido Domingo. As a violinist in the Miami Symphony Orchestra and as a teacher of the violin and viola he continues developing his skills. Now you can learn how to play violin with one of the youngest and greatest players in Miami.

Danae Lorenzo

 Danae Lorenzo is a Singer, Pianist, Choral Director, Vocal Instructor, Lute and Tres Guitar Instrumentalist and Professor of Music. She began to sing at the age of three and due to her talent and great passion for music was able to perform her first recital at just 8-years-of-age singing songs in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.  At the age of ten she was accepted into the Vocational School of Art (E.V.A) Juan Pablo Duarte from which she graduated as a Choral Singer and Director in Music Theory and Piano. All the while, she participated in many National Festivals as a “Solo Vocalist” winning many awards like: Best Interpreter. At sixteen, Danae commenced her studies at the National School of Art (E.N.A) in Havana, Cuba, where she graduated with a double specialty : Tres Guitar and Lute Instrumentalist, Professor and Director of Strings Bands. In 2007 she continued her studies at the Superior Institute of Art (I.S.A), specializing primarily in the Cuban Lute. During this time, she participated in Prestigious Musical Festivals such as “Musicalia.”

Christian Varona

Christian is a Berklee School of Music graduate with over 15 years of experience both performing and instructing fine arts. His extensive education has afforded him the opportunity to learn how to play and teach a variety of instruments. These include saxophone, clarinet, guitar, piano, violin, viola, cello, and voice. In addition to his instrumental expertise, Christian has studied various songwriting and arrangement techniques. He has integrated these into his method of teaching and has a special love for creativity. His professional career has seen him perform at the prestigious Carnegie Hall under the direction of the great choral composer Z. Randall Stroope and placed him in the studio with contemporary greats like Inner Circle of “Bad Boys” fame.

Joel Perez

Every Professional was once a beginner”. Joel had his start at the age of 11 when he started playing Beatles songs on the acoustic guitar. Fueled by the influences of Chon, Animals as Leaders, and Intervals, he has been composing for his instrument since the age of fourteen and has been studying the guitar for over a decade. He went on to audition for the School of Music at Florida International University, where he was accepted to study the Classical Guitar with Rafael Padron and Mesut Ozgen. Being classically trained gives him the ability not only to incorporate more techniques into his playing, but also to teach his students better form when handling the guitar. He also enjoys playing piano and studying theory, but the guitar remains his instrument of choice: “The guitar is hands down the most expressive instrument I’ve come across. There are so many different ways you can play the same chord, so the possibilities are literally endless.” He prides himself in fostering an environment conducive to learning, where the student enjoys new challenges and perspectives. “I enjoy guiding the student down the path which they wish to travel, whether it’s composing a well-structured melody, shredding like Eddie Van Halen, or learning that new chart-topping pop song.”

Jacquelyn Hernandez

Jackie is a charismatic individual who believes music is an important part of expressing who you are. Even at a young age, she has shown her passion and creativity in the field of music. She has been involved in the music programs of every school she has attended, ranging from orchestras to jazz ensembles, and has received awards in state and district competitions. She was also selected to be a part of the 2014 Florida Intercollegiate Honor Band on french horn. Jackie has been playing piano for over ten years, trumpet for four years, and french horn for eight years.  Jackie is an alumni from New World School of the Arts and is currently pursuing her bachelors in music performance at Florida International University. She has received both a Bright Futures scholarship for her academic studies and a music scholarship from FIU’s School of Music for her musical abilities. This instructor works great with all ages and can help build skills in fields such as classical and pop. She has extensive knowledge of music theory and a perfect pitch that allows her to give her students a thorough understanding of music.