Preston Nash


Preston Nash has been playing drums for over 30 years. He has played with Dope (Sony Records), Primer 55 (Island Records), The Color Red (RCA Records), Society 1 (Earache Records), NA$H (DK Records), Rocky Na$h & The Average Americans (Sikotick Records), among many others. He is endorsed by Pearl Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Pro-Mark Drumsticks, Evans Drumheads, and Samick Guitars. He’s been on countless recordings, and has toured all over the United States, Europe and Canada, playing everywhere from CBGB’s to Carnegie Hall.

Aside from drumming, his professional music career includes producing and songwriting. He’s written jingles for radio stations in all parts of the country, music for cable television and independent movies, as well as songs for other artists.

Preston’s career as an educator spans over 20 years, teaching at the high school and college level, as well as privately. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Percussion Performance and a Master’s Degree in Music Theory and Composition, both from Montclair State University in New Jersey – home of the annual Modern Drummer Festival.

As an instructor, Preston combines all the various elements of his career and education, with the goal of helping his students become not just better drummers, but better overall musicians.

In addition to teaching drums, Preston started and runs ASH ROCK, the rock-group program at Sam Ash Music Indianapolis, and is the Lesson Coordinator.

“Awesome drummer!” Florian Alexandru-Zorn