Natale Muro

Las Vegas

Natale Muro is a composer/pianist/violist. She has been classically trained and has played the viola for approximately five years and the piano for over 13 years. She has been classically trained and competed in several regional, state, and national piano competitions. Recently her musical ability earned her a Student of the Year award. She has been the pianist and choir director at several different Churches for over 5 years. She has played for over 5 different choirs in Las Vegas. She has been playing professionally since high school. She has been apart of several live orchestras, theatre performances, jazz band, marching band, and live orchestra performances throughout Vegas, and in several different parts of the country. She has composed several pieces. She also has absolute pitch, or also know as, “perfect pitch”. That is the auditory phenomenon in which a person has the ability to identify or re-create a given musical note or notes without the benefit of a reference tone. One which one in ten thousand people have. She has been teaching piano lessons for awhile now and loves working with beginner and intermediate students to help enhance their natural musical ability. She specializes in playing virtually anything from show music, classical pieces, jazz songs, to rock. She is currently studying at the University of Las Vegas Nevada with a concentration in economics and music.