Morgan Stewart


Morgan Stewart, having been raised by four professional musicians, showed early signs of her musical interest. When she turned 7, she was trained in hand percussion, specializing in West African Djembe. As she grew into a preteen, she was able to occasionally join her mother’s band on stage as a percussionist.

Morgan grew to love the stage and by age 14, taught herself guitar and started writing her own music. By age 16 she was playing her own shows as a solo act with a mixture of her originals and popular covers.

In 2011 Morgan was accepted and attended Berklee College of Music for 4 semesters. She majored in Professional Music, specializing in songwriting, music business, and performance.
She moved back to Richmond, VA in 2013 to start her solo career and attend Virginia Commonwealth University. Morgan graduated from VCU with a Bachelors of Arts in Music.

Morgan now plays up and down the east coast every weekend with her musical groups while teaching private music lessons during the week. As a teacher, she endeavors to help her students grow in both skill and music appreciation.