Michael Scott


Michael currently holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from University of North Texas. He has played piano for most of his life. He took traditional classical lessons from the time he was 8 for the next 15 years through his graduation from UNT. Though his studies have always been focused on the classical style, he has always kept an open mind about all styles of music. At UNT, his concentration was classical piano but the majority of his electives were in jazz and music theory. In his spare time, he listens to just about any style of music. He also has some experience recording in a studio environment.  He really loves incorporating technology into his work. Right now he is trying to refine my ideas to start research for his master’s thesis, which will heavily involve the piano, computers, psychology, and sound in general.  He also hopes to use his experience teaching as well as his research to crossover into the composition field.