Lily Galley

Coming from a musical family, Cherilly “Lily” Galley grew up listening to her dad, a guitar instructor, practicing guitar. She began singing in church at the age of six as a lead vocalist for their family band. At 10 Lily began receiving piano instruction from her grandmother, learning basic music theory and intermediate piano. During High School, she joined the Chaffey College Choir and Ensemble Singers in Rancho Cucamonga. Lily is majoring in music at Chaffey College, currently studying music and vocal studies and will continue her undergraduate studies in Music Education.

Lily loves sharing music with other people. Her musical experiences include singing in various choirs in the Inland Empire, playing piano and organ for church, and playing piano in the Chaffey College Jazz Band. She has performed various solos in the Chaffey College Choir and was honored to join the San Gabriel Valley Choir which toured in Rome and Italy in 2013.