Kevin Luu

Las Vegas

Kevin Luu, a.k.a. DJ K-Luu, has been a professional DJ for eight years and has vast experience DJ clubs, weddings, private events and is capable of DJing hip hop, EDM and Top 40 music. K-Luu graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2012, where he double majored in Music Production & Engineering and Electronic Production & Design, and has extensive knowledge of various music production/engineering software such as Pro Tools, Ableton Live and Logic. K-Luu is also currently a staff recording engineer at the Studio at the Palms where he has worked with artist such as Avicii, Tyga, Britney Spears, 9th Wonder, T-Pain and many others.

In 2012, K-Luu wrote and taught a DJ and Music Production curriculum for a high school summer program held at Yale University. He specializes with DJ with turntables and Serato Scratch Live, but is able to teach other DJ software/equipment such as Pioneer CDJs, Native Instrument Traktor, Virtual DJ, and Ableton Live. K-Luu has experience teaching students of all ages and can cover all aspects of DJing including proper set up of DJ equipment, mixing techniques (beatmatching, creative transitions, etc.) music theory relating to DJing, scratching techniques, DJing with video, creating mash ups or remixes, and most importantly: how to create an unforgettable dynamic DJ set.