Haldrin Gonzales

Las Vegas

Haldrin Gonzales started playing piano in church at the age of 8. Due to the lack of piano instructors at the time, he started to rely heavily on his ear in order to learn and transcribe songs. Later on in middle school he learned to read music and covered some ground in that area. Ever since, he noticed the high number of piano/keyboard players trying to reach higher levels in their musicality. Therefore, he decided to start teaching and help those in need of expanding their musical language. Haldrin had the opportunity to teach people from all backgrounds and all ages, from children to adults. To Haldrin it was very important to structure his way of teaching to cater to each individuals learning abilities. Furthermore, seeing every student SUCCEDD in their craft has fueled him for nearly a decade to continue teaching. If you’re interested in learning anything from Jazz, Funk, Gospel, classical, etc. All that is required from you is to bring passion and your willingness to learn despite whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advance!