Chris Sears

San Diego

Chris Sears- grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and started playing drums in 1991. After studying music in school, taking private drum lessons, and playing in several working bands, Chris started teaching drums in 2001. In late 2016 Chris and his wife made the move to San Diego, bringing his unique teaching style to Sam Ash.
Chris enjoys teaching a variety of musical styles and teaches students to play their favorite music while incorporating fundamentals, technique, theory, ear training, and improvisation into each lesson. “Telling a student to practice their Paradiddles or Swiss Army Triplets doesn’t usually work. Showing them how to play a paradiddle that’s in one of their favorite songs, that’s when you can’t get them to stop!”
Chris helps students learn how to lock in grooves, brake down fills and phrases, and develop as a drummer while learning to play their favorite music. Students will learn patterns, styles, and songs catered to what each student desires to learn. Each lesson is structured to work towards each students individual drumming goals. Chris strives to help every student walk away from each lesson with the knowledge, tools, determination, and excitement to work towards their drumming goals.