Benjamin McDonald

San Diego

Benjamin McDonald is a San Diego Native that has been playing guitar for over a decade. Known for his flashy technique, a killer sound and his BubbaLicious Mother Ship Pedal Board, Benjamin has made it his duty in life to master his instrument and pass that knowledge on to the next generation. At 25 years old, he has already worked with groups on both sides of the border. His skill, and professional attitude, has earned him recognition among the musical community,Noted to be a player with the right blend of taste and virtuosity. Benjamin is also part of local R&B Funk group Zzajj, as their second guitar player. Benjamin McDonald has been studying jazz academically for all this time, he has attended both Southwestern and Grossmont Community Colleges. During his time there he was a key member of a number of ensembles including the Southwestern College Samba/ Bossa Nova Ensemble, and The Jazz Vocal Ensemble; as a member of the combo. His ultimate goal with his education is to obtain a Masters Degree in Music Performance.