Barry Levenson

Las Vegas

Guitarist Barry Levenson’s distinguished career includes 25 years of private guitar instruction at the Palos Verdes Academy of the Arts in Southern California. Barry has a passion for teaching all styles and many of his students have gone on to become professional musicians. He is the author of the critically acclaimed guitar instructional book Exciting Concepts for Blues Guitar Soloing. His multi-faceted studio experience: producing, arranging, songwriting has made him an in-demand musician for every situation. A W.C. Handy nominated blues and jazz artist, a member of one of America’s most iconic bands, Canned Heat, five solo CD’s, and numerous tours all over the globe both under his own name and with Canned Heat are some of the highlights of his career. He was also a producer for the legendary Storyville Records jazz and blues label. He now resides in Las Vegas with his wife and son.