Amy Fox


Amy Fox began playing music at age 8 when she started piano and vocal lessons. After mastering the basics, she continued to excel year after year in piano recitals and vocal competitions, making her way to All-District Chorus and All-State Chorus and becoming the lead jazz keyboardist in her high school’s jazz band. It was the amazing music instructors in Amy’s life (specifically L’Rese Morris, Dea Atkinson and Christopher Booth) who cultivated her love for music at a young age and who were attentive to her ever-changing needs as a student, something that Amy has adopted in her own curriculum as well. She went on to graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University where she composed music and developed sound design for various films.

Amy currently works as a piano instructor and Special Needs Caregiver with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, behavioral problems and other disabilities. She has found and harnessed the powerful effect of alternative therapies such as music, art, and animals on children and adults. Amy also enjoys singing harmonies and playing piano at local venues and open mic nights in Virginia with her sister, Christy, with whom she also writes music.

Amy remembers the challenges one can face in the early years of lessons, trying to understand and master complicated rhythms and fingering. These challenges have helped shaped the way Amy teaches children, young adults and middle-age adults who are just starting out. Amy specializes in teaching children and adults Classical/Romantic (Chopin, Schubert, Beethoven) as well as popular music (Muse, Adele, Coldplay, Copeland). She also specializes in general music theory and improvisation, and loves teaching students personal composition – how to write your own music! Her mission is to harness the excitement of the student by teaching in a fun and interactive way that is not just about sitting at the piano!