Lesson Coordinator: Trent Wilson

Brandon Andreski Music Lessons at Ontario MillsTrent Wilson is the Lesson Coordinator for Sam Ash of Ontario, CA location. Trent has played guitar and bass for over 10 years and has taught for the past 5; he specializes in rock, blues, jazz and improvisation. He loves to play music in group settings with bands, both big and small. He believes that music should be most of all fun and exciting!!!
As the lesson Coordinator here at Sam Ash of Ontario, he encourages students to “look to the stage” as their goal, and believes that when they share their talents–they will excel much faster in becoming a musician! He works tirelessly with every student to realize their potential with music believing that the road to musicianship is a priceless and rewarding life-long opportunity.
“Our teachers and I hope to see you in the lesson rooms soon, no matter what level of experience you have we will dedicate our time to help you achieve your goals!”

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