Lesson Coordinator: Mike Singer

Mike Singer Music Lessons at Miami DolphinMike Singer is a passionate musician and music teacher. He really enjoys helping others and empowering them through the development of their own musical potential. After several years of teaching at Sam Ash Miami Dolphin store, which he believes is the greatest music store on the planet, he has now assumed the role of Lesson Coordinator. As the Lesson Coordinator he feels he has an awesome ongoing and expanding opportunity to empower others through music. Mike studied Jazz Guitar and Music Education at Miami Dade College and has been a passionate music teacher, coach and mentor to aspiring musicians of all ages. He takes great pride in having a very unique, dynamic and comprehensive ability to teach music. Rather than taking a narrow approach and focusing on just one particular style or technique he encourages students to take a well-rounded approach to playing various styles of music. He believes all students should be able to play Rock, Blues, Jazz and Classical music, as well as to sing. He knows this will ensure his students ultimate success in the future. He also knows that when a student has a well-rounded and solid base that covers all of the basic essentials, they will be able to excel at ANY style. Now he is directing that musical path at Sam Ash Music store at Dolphin Mall in Miami, Florida.

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