Lesson Coordinator: Josh Weekley

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Josh has been playing guitar since 1992, and teaching since 1997. During that time, he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from the University of Alabama, Birmingham, with classical guitar as his principal instrument, and is certified to teach K-12 music. In his playing career, he’s been the “swiss army knife” of musicians, playing in gospel, country, blues, rock, funk, metal, and progressive bands. He was also the principal guitar player for the UAB Jazz Ensemble.

In 2013, Josh took over the Sam Ash Lesson Department at the Canoga Park location, and put together the best team of teachers in the valley. Together, they organize recitals 4 times a year, which give students experience playing songs they love in a real band setting.

Josh’s teaching style uses the music each student is excited about to teach them everything from the most basic fundamentals, to the most advanced musical concepts. He teaches songwriting and theory to all players, but also teaches guitar, bass, ukelele, and piano.

“My goal is to get a student playing something they enjoy as quickly as possible, but then explain what they are doing and why it works.”
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