In-store events: Come In & Play!

We keep expanding and fine-tuning our “hang out in our store” invitations by adding more exciting in-store events to help you feel comfortable with your gear and give you the opportunity to gain inspiration and knowledge from other musicians. Plus, we’ll give you a $10 Sam Ash Gift Card* just for participating. Why? Consider it incentive. We want to create a fun, easy-going atmosphere that promotes artistic exchange among local musicians at all levels. Coming down to our store to soak up the vibe, experience the gear, and musically interact with other players is what being a musician is about — not  isolating yourself in your room with your instrument. Come down, give it a try, and you’ll see what we mean.

Monday Night Drum Club
Drummers Unite and Jam at the new Sam Ash Drum Club that meets the first Monday night of every month. Swap, trade or sell your gear to other members. Get up and play fours with other drummers!

Horn Players Jazz Jam
Got some new licks you think will blow our socks off? Share them with fellow jazz cats who live to swing. Get your axe out of the pawn shop and come to Sam Ash for a crazy cool time. Dig, baby. Dig.

Guitar Blues Night
Got the blues? Love the blues? Feel like playing the blues? So do we. Bring your guitar on down to Sam Ash and let’s all feel the pain together.

Bass Players Night – COMING SOON!
Whether your bass lines are funky, smooth, poppin’ or slappin’, we got your back. Bring in your bass and show us what you got. Trade techniques, learn to solo, or just hold the heavy.

Metal Shred Jam
If face-melting solos are your thing, bring your blistering axe (and your blistered fingers) to Sam Ash Metal Shred Night and learn to rock like the big boys.

Acoustic Jam
Come all ye strummers, ye flatpickers, ye fingerpickers, and lovers of fine tonewoods. Learn new licks, new tunings, new songs, and make new friends at our Acoustic Jam sessions.

*Gift Cards will be sent to participants by mail.